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Based on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, Hibiscus Skylights offers free, no-obligation quotations and competitively-priced installations of skylights, solar tubes (light tubes) and patio roofs and extraction fans. A number of aesthetically pleasing options are available to suit all weather conditions.
The benefits of installing skylights, patio roofs and related glazing include:

  • Enhance the natural light in your home or office.
  • Reduce energy bills.
  • Elegant and cost-effective way to add value to your property.
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Lighting accounts for 40 to 50% of the energy consumed in commercial and institutional buildings and 10 to 20% of energy used in industry, so by using the natural light provided by skylights and solar tubes, businesses can save money on energy costs.

A standard skylight consists of a self-flashing aluminium frame, designed to fit onto any type of roof.  The aluminium frame is powder coated or anodised for coastal conditions. The barrel, pyramid and rectangular type skylights are available in various tinted shades.

Skylights increase light, make rooms more comfortable and bigger feeling, and offer an unusual view. Manufacturers have improved flashing kits and controls, making today’s skylights more reliable. When they’re well placed, few building products offer greater value to homeowners.

Skylights range from utilitarian to high-tech, and from strictly functional to solely decorative. However, in the ever-increasing effort to save money for clients in energy costs, especially in such high-use applications as lighting, architects and designers are using skylights to bring daylight into their buildings. Skylights work especially well in older homes. Skylights illuminate a dark room without taking up wall space, and the added light can make a small area look larger.

Standard Skylights:
A standard skylight consists of a self-flashing aluminium frame which is designed to fit onto any type of roof. The aluminium frame is powder coated or anodised for coastal conditions. Glazing is either 4 mm toughened glass or 6.38 mm laminated glass, and is available in clear or tinted glass in various shades.

Barrel Vault Skylights:
These types of skylights work well to open up hallways and corridors. They offer vaulted transparent or translucent space above and a range of arched rafters from low vaults to hemispherical skylights with glazed vertical ends. They cover building-connecting walkways and can attach to vertical walls at either or both ends.

A guide to Skylight selection:

Your room: Skylight size (mm):
Small kitchen/bath/laundry 600 x 600
600 x 900
Medium kitchen 600 x 900
Hallway/attic 600 x 1200
Large kitchen/bathroom 600 x 1200
900 x 900
Family room 900 x 1200
Large family room 1200 x 1200
En suite/walk-in wardrobe Solar tube 320/450 diameter
Any small area Solar tube 320/450 diameter


Patio Roofs

Our patio roofs are the perfect solution to modernising areas between two buildings or at entrances. Fitted with either skylights or downlights, they brighten existing verandas and add square metreage to any home and afford you the opportunity to enclose open (dead) spaces, without reducing light.

Our patio roofs are robust and durable and are perfect for adding style to covered walkways, providing maximum protection from the elements while at the same time providing a bright and sophisticated environment.

Patio roofs are an elegant alternative to shadenetting or coloured corrugated fibreglass ‘roofs’ which are prone to brittleness and tearing or cracking over time.

Who are we?

Hibiscus Skylights specialises in interpreting and advising on your natural lighting needs, and coupled with professional installation, provides you with a bright and welcoming ambience. Our clear understanding of the climatic variations in KZN means that each installation is customised to suit your project.

With solutions for both the domestic and light commercial markets in a wide range of products produced in both glass and acrylic, Hibiscus Skylights produces solutions for the most discerning user.

Why choose Hibiscus Skylights?

  • Trusted
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  • Reliable
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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  • Advice on best solution for your needs.
  • Professional installation.

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Happy Customers

“Werner Koekhoven of Hibiscus Skylights installed two skylights for me and I can unreservedly recommend his workmanship. He provides assistance on the optimum size of skylight required, which makes the final installation both ideal for the space in which it is placed, as well as being extremely cost effective.” – Donald Fowler, Margate Retirement Village

“We had two skylights installed in our home by Hibiscus Skylights. We are very happy with the end result and the professional service.” – Liz and Danny Erasmus, Ramsgate

“I am very happy with the skylight that Hibiscus Skylights installed for me at my home. It has made an amazing difference to the lighting in the dining room area and I would recommend it to anybody who has a problem with dark areas inside their home. It has not leaked, despite some harsh weather over the past six months. The price was very reasonable and I was very pleased with the workmanship.” – Terry Knollys, Margate

“Hibiscus Skylights has done the skylights on many of the projects I have managed. I have never been disappointed by either the service or the quality of the work provided. The owner – Werner – is professional and competent and oversees all the work. He is highly experienced and able to avoid some of the challenges that arise with this type of work, especially with waterproofing. His commitment to the job and his willing service during and after completion has been consistent and is commendable.” – Sarah Unsworth, Southern Natal Construction, Uvongo

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